1744 Cavalry (Horse) Carbine

1744 Cavalry (Horse) Carbine
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1744 British Cavalry (Horse) Carbine

The 1744 Cavalry (Horse) Carbines featured a lock and hardware very similar in appearance to that used on the 1740 Land Service Musket except in slightly smaller proportions. The short barrels were stocked all the way to the nose. There was no accommodation made for a bayonet, and the front sight was a simple brass blade. The most important feature of the piece was its iron sling bar & ring that allowed it to be secured to the trooper by a sling.

These carbines saw service during the French & Indian War and American Revolution. They also served as the foundation for several other pieces that were created by modifying the 1744 carbines to suit other branches of service.

Our 1744 British Cavalry (Horse) Carbine is a custom piece created here in our US workshop. We start with our standard 1740 Long Land Pattern Bess, shorten the barrel and ramrod, fill the swivel holes, fabricate and install the sling bar & ring, and install a brass blade sight. The stock is then sanded / stained / finished, all hardware polished, lock tuned & tested, and final assembly & inspection performed prior to shipment.

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