1768 Charleville

1768 Charleville
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1768 Charleville Musket


Following the close of the French & Indian War, France adopted the shorter and more robust 1763 Charleville. In 1766, the musket was lightened and non-essential hardware was eliminated. Two years later, in 1768, further improvements were made to the weapon including the addition of a bottom band spring.

During the Revolutionary War, France supplied thousands of Charleville muskets to the Patriots in the Americas. They were widely used and highly regarded during the conflict. In fact, so well liked were they that in 1795 the United States copied the design in order to produce the US first official musket - the 1795 Springfield.

Our Reproduction

Our reproduction 1768 Charleville is true to the original in appearance and function. The weapon features all of the 1768 modifications including the bottom band spring. The barrel is .69 caliber. The hardware is finished bright. The front band features a brass blade sight.

As with all our weapons, it comes with a limited warranty. The musketís hammer (frizzen) has been adequately hardened and comes with a lifetime re-hardening guarantee. Bayonets are also available for purchase.

Specifications Overall Length: 60 inches Weight: 8.5 pounds (approx.) Bore: Smoothbore Caliber: .68 cal. Lock: Flintlock Suggested Ball: .62-.648

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