1777 French Charleville Musket

1777 French Charleville Musket
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1777 French Infantry (Charleville) Musket

History The 1777 French Infantry (Charleville) Musket was a significant departure from previous models. It incorporated a new robust nosecap, trumpet style ramrod, ridges on the trigger guard, and a angled brass pan. A cutout in the stockís butt allowed for better aim. The 1777 Musket saw service in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. In America, the weapon saw limited use with French troops at the end of the Revolution and afterwards on the frontier. French troops stationed in America prior to the Louisiana purchase were equipped with the weapon as were also Canadian militia troops until into the early 19th century. Later US arms were based on the 1777ís design.

Our Reproduction Our reproduction 1777 French Infantry (Charleville) Musket is faithful to the original in functionality and form. It features a .68 caliber barrel and iron hardware with bright finish. Authentic elements include an angled brass pan, heart shaped ring cock, and ridges on the trigger guard.

The weapon has a hardwood stock and requires no defarbing. Proper St. Etienne lock markings are present. Like all of our muskets, it comes with a limited warranty. The musketís hammer has been adequately hardened and comes with a lifetime re-hardening guarantee. Bayonets are available.

Specifications Overall Length: 60 inches Weight: 9.5 pounds (approx.) Bore: Smoothbore Caliber: .68 cal. Lock: Flintlock Bayonet: Triangular Socket Suggested Ball: .62 - .648

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