1854 Austrian Lorenz

1854 Austrian Lorenz
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The Model 1854 Austrian Lorenz rifle was the second most prevalent imported weapon used during the American Civil War. It was second only to the Enfield rifle in overall numbers imported.

Of relatively modern design, the Lorenz was highly sought after by Confederate purchasing agents who managed to secure over one hundred thousand of the pieces for use by the Rebel Army.

In part because it too needed arms, and also in an attempt to keep the weapons out of Confederate hands, the US government soon began acquiring Lorenz rifles. Before the close of the war, the Federal Government would purchase approximately two hundred and fifty thousand pieces. Many of these were rebored to .58 caliber (from .54) so as to accept standard US ammunition.

Our reproduction Lorenz is faithful in form to the original. It features a block rear sight, brass banded ramrod, and cheekpiece. While the originals were rifles, our reproduction is smoothbore, making it an easy to maintain reenacting weapon or fun to shoot shotgun.

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