45 Long Colt Blank Cartridges Up To 400 Rounds

Item# 45LC400

Product Description

Injection Molded .45 Long Colt Caliber Blanks For Lever Action and Repeating Rifles.

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The Cartridge that makes shooting Blanks - Easy!

Veteran Arms, LLC is pleased to announce its line of injection molded blank cartridges for early repeating rifles. Offered in .45 Long Colt (45LC), our cartridge is a safe, easy, and affordable means of shooting blanks in early repeating arms. Unlike “5 in 1” blanks of the past, our cartridge is designed specifically for weapons of .45 LC caliber and will fit and perform well in all traditional lever action and repeating rifles. Our cartridges feature an internal cavity that when filled with approximately 15-20 grains of blackpowder or substitute and topped with a standard 209 shotgun primer will produce copious smoke and a loud report. Our cartridge features a unique seamed tip that is designed to open upon firing, but not to fracture. No special tools are required for loading and because of the low cost per round, there is no need to collect spent cartridges. Authenticity is not sacrificed either, as the cartridges come in a pleasant metallic brass color. Whether for reenacting, demonstrations, or theatrical presentations, Veteran Arms, LLC’s new injection molded cartridges make firing blanks in early repeating rifles and revolvers - easy.

A Distinct Advantage: No special tools are required to load cartridges. A pound of powder will load 400+ blanks.

Affordability: Unloaded cartridges make shipping hassle free. Powder and primers can be obtained at local sporting goods stores. Ready-to-fire cartridges can be assembled for less than half the cost of shooting brass! Internal cavity holds enough powder for a big bang. No “flash powder” corrosion worries.

Price = $20.00 per 100 cartridges for up to 400 cartridges. For orders over 400, please see our other listing. Sold in packs of 100 cartridges. Each item placed in your basket represents a package of 100 cartridges. Example: If you want 200 cartridges, place two items in the quantity field.

Shipping for orders of 100-400 cartridges is $8.00. This amount will not appear on your online receipt, but will be added to your total.

See our online storefront at: www.VeteranArms.com