DIY Kit - 1727 Potsdam Pistol

DIY Kit - 1727 Potsdam Pistol
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Product Description

Veteran Arms is pleased to offer, for a limited time only, several DIY Kits. These kits come with everything required to build a fully functional musket or pistol except for tools and your finishing supplies like sandpaper, stain, drill bits, hardening compound, etc.

Each kit will be shipped in pre-assembly form - meaning when the piece arrives, it will be together but will require disassembly and final fitting and finishing in order to make it operational and attractive.

This is an INTERMEDIATE level builderís kit. In addition to other operations, the builder will need to: Perform basic Woodworking, Lighten the Springs, Tune the Lock, Harden the Frizzen, Vent the Barrel Fit the Nosecap, Finalize the Inletting, Sand, Stain, Polish, Solder, etc.

No instructions are supplied. The builder will need to know how to perform the necessary operations or to learn. (These DIY Kits are a great way to learn skills required to advance from a beginner builder to the next level.) Kits are not covered under Veteran Armsí regular weapons warrantee as the builder assumes responsibility for the quality of the build.

Each DIY Kit is available in limited quantity. Once they are gone, thatís it. So donít delay.

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