English Lock Pistol

English Lock Pistol
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English / Jacobean Lock Pistol

Developed in the very early 1600ís, the English Lock - sometimes call the Jacobean Lock - quickly became a very popular ignition system for both muskets and pistols. English lock weapons offered a distinct advantage in reliability over matchlock firearms, and were less prone to derangement than other contemporary locks having their springs and other components on the outside.

Unlike the contemporary snaphaunce, the English Lock had an integrated pan & frizzen and a sear that incorporated a half-cock position. Although popular in its time, the English Locks were short-lived as they were quickly rendered obsolete by the development of the Flintlock.

English / Jacobean Lock weapons saw widespread use during the English Civil War. Remains of Jacobean Locks have also been excavated at early English settlements in North America.

Our reproduction English / Jacobean Lock Pistol has the traditional fantail stock and octagon to round barrel. The hardware is simple and rugged, with no sideplate, and a sheet steel triggerguard and buttplate.

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