Gray Wool Narrow Fall Front Trousers

Gray Wool Narrow Fall Front Trousers
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Gray Wool Narrow Fall / Fall Front Trousers

Veteran Arms LLC's reproduction Gray Narrow Fall / Fall Front Trousers are suitable for military and civilian reenactment impressions from the late 1700's through the 1840's. These high quality reproduction wool trousers feature a period high-waisted cut, button closure pockets, and adjustable waistband. Each pair of trousers comes unhemmed, with an approximately 36 inch inseam which may be tailored to the appropriate length.

They are the perfect compliment to our US Pattern 1813 Infantry Coatee for War of 1812 reenactment use.

In addition, these trousers are also suited for use with:

British Napoleonic and War of 1812 uniforms

Early American Militia and Regulars Uniforms

Other Uniforms from the early 1800's through the 1840's including those from the Red Stick War, War of 1812, Seminole War, Texas Revolution, Mexican War, and etc.


Military and civilian fashion during this period tended toward a very high waist. When worn appropriately, these trousers will rise to just above the navel. In order to select the correct size, we recommend measuring around the waist at the navel. Your measurement in inches will be your size. Trousers are supplied unhemmed, so that they may be hemmed to the correct length. The waist is adjustable at the back.

The buttons used on the trousers are of War of 1812 military pattern and are made of pewter. They may be modified or replaced to suit other historical periods.

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