.44-40 Winchester Blank Cartridges - 500+ Rounds
.44-40 Winchester Blank Cartridges Up To 400 Rounds
.45 Long Colt Blank Cartridges - 500+ Rounds
1 Inch Musket Flints (Pack of 5)
1.125 Inch Flints - Pack of 5
1/2 Inch Musket or Pistol Flints (Pack of 5)
1695 Fusil de Grenadier
1716/77 Sea Service Pistol
1727 Prussian Potsdam Pistol
1728/46 French Musket
1728/46 French Musket Bayonet
1730 Dublin Castle (1st Model) Brown Bess
1730/40 Long Land (1st Model) Brown Bess
1731 French Pistol
1738 Land Service (Heavy Dragoon) Pistol
1744 Cavalry (Horse) Carbine
1748 Artillery Carbine
1748 Long Land (1st Model) Brown Bess
1763 French Charleville Pistol
1768 Charleville
1768 French Charleville Bayonet - Lug On Bottom
1768 French Charleville Bayonet - Lug On Top
1769/75 Short Land Pattern (2nd Model) Brown Bess
1773 / 1790 Eliott Dragoon Carbine
1776 British Infantry Rifle Castings Set
1777 Charleville Carbine
1777 French "Charleville" Bayonet
1777 French Charleville Musket
1795 East India Pattern (3rd Model) Brown Bess
1795 Springfield
1795 Springfield Bayonet - Lug on Bottom
1795 Springfield Bayonet - Lug on Top
1839 British Tower Musket
1847 Springfield Dragoon Carbine
1854 Austrian Lorenz
1st Model (Long Land) Brown Bess Bayonet
2nd Model Brown Bess Bayonet
3 Coatee Special - One of Each Type
3/4 Inch Flints - Pack of 5 pcs
3rd Model Brown Bess Bayonet
45 Long Colt Blank Cartridges Up To 400 Rounds
5/8 Inch Flints - Pack of 5
56-50 Spencer Blank Cartridges - 500+ Rounds
56-50 Spencer Blank Cartridges - Up To 400 Rounds
Accessories & Camp Goods
All Steel Scottish Murdoch Pistol
Baker Rifle
Black Canvas Spatterdashes
Black Leather Musket Sling
Black Wool Knee Length Gaiters
Blank Ammo
Boswell Custom Order
Cartridge Box Kit
Charleville Style Bayonet with Long Blade and Short Socket
Civil War Cartridge Box with Tins
Civil War Cartridge Box with Tins
Civil War Haversack
Civil War Haversack
Clearance and Specials
Clearance Specials & Pre-Owned
Custom Flashguard for Bridleless Frizzens - Guard and Install
Dark Blue Economy Blanket
DIY Kit - 1768 Charleville Musket
DIY Kit - 1847 Springfield Dragoon Carbine
DIY Kit - French Blunderbuss
Doglock Blunderbuss (with Brass Barrel)
Doglock Carbine
Doglock Musket
Doglock Pistol
Early Matchlock Arquebus
Eliott Light Dragoon Pistol
English Trade Gun
Flash Guard
Flintlock Dagger Pistol
French Blunderbuss
French Charleville Bayonet With Long Blade + Long Socket
Fusil de Chasse
Gray Wool Narrow Fall Front Trousers
Gun Parts
Hand Mortar
Large Tomahawk
M-1842 Springfield Bayonet
Matchlock Musket
Matchlock Musket Rest
Military Blunderbuss
Mixed Gray Wool Economy Blanket
Natural Leather Musket Sling
Porcupine Hair Roach
Powder Horn
Powder Horn with Spout
Premium Blue Blanket with Red Stripes
Premium Gray Blanket with Yellow Stripes
Premium Light Brown Blanket with Red Stripe
Screw Set for 76 Rifle Lock
Signed Copy of Columbus, Georgia 1865: The Last True Battle of the Civil War
Small Tomahawk
US Pattern 1810 Infantry Coatee
US Pattern 1812 Infantry Coatee
US Pattern 1813 Infantry Coatee
Whisk & Pick Set
White Canvas Knee Length Gaiters
White Canvas Spatterdashes
Wooden Canteen
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